Hobbs Ceramics was founded in Bicester, Oxfordshire in 2015 with the aim to create beautiful, functional table and homeware for you to enjoy. My work is mostly thrown and altered on the potters wheel with a focus on small, unique batches of work that perform as families when purchased together. Vibrancy is key so all of my work embodies striking colours and deep tones to create something truly special and unique.

Merging colour and design my unique style creates homeware that simply can't be found elsewhere. Each piece is lovingly crafted with aesthetic and function in mind. I'm very conscious of my ecological impact so I source materials in bulk. I also ensure all packages contain minimal plastic and where air gaps need filling I use bio-degradable pellets which can be washed down the sink rather than generating more landfill.

I hope you choose to make your next purchase a Hobbs Ceramic, you won't be disappointed!




(+44) 07964737890

Hobbs Ceramics, Bicester, Oxfordshire

United Kingdom