About Me


Raised in Oxfordshire, I've always had a passion for craft and the relationship between material, designer and user. I found my love for ceramics early on, being introduced during my school years and focusing on clay as a medium through my college and university studies, at which point I completed a BA Hons in Ceramics at Cardiff Metropolitan University

Further from my degree I spent some time as a ceramic technician and resident for Cherwell Valley College until I decided to pursue my craft independently, in a home-built studio.

Previous and experimental works focus on the materiality of clay,, using a mixture of architectural and industrial forms to produce icons of the forging process which use the subtle changes in the clays state over time to give shape, form and depth to sculptures

My work now primarily focuses on the finished form, stepping away slightly from the strictly ornamental and focusing instead on functional domestic ware. This was a new ideal for me to follow however there is such love in handling and using something which has come from nothing. It brings an entirely new element to my practice which I will continue to develop.

Sculptural work has been exhibited in New Designers, London, Hatfield Art in Clay and Art in Woodstock and you can normally find me at fairs and stalls all over Oxfordshire. Please contact for individual inquiries. 

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